Population Health Management

Improving Your
Patient Experience

Measuring the overall care provided, this system allows users to analyze data and claims files to improve clinical and financial goals and objectives while monitoring the effects to predict the risk for future.
Population Health Management Service
Assisting practice managers for reports
Claims analytics and metric system
Facility and hospital mapping
Preventing future readmission
Monitor clinical goals while manage financial PMPM
Cost forecasting with risk stratification efforts
Breakdown of cost and resource utilized
Distribution of outcome within group

Quality Reporting

Improving Care
For Patients

Addressing an effective strategy of closing caregaps, this system monitors and tracks from a retrospective method while the user is alerted prospectively and proactively to incorporate these steps into daily activities.
Close gaps with guidance
Fast export to CMS and reporting facilities
Integrated with care workflows
Alert system to care team members
Easy reminder system to members
Interconnected with MRA and other modules
Quick and Realtime dashboards
Track open caregaps

Practice Solutions

Keep Cost
Under Control

Managing practice cost and revenue, this platform provides operational metrics and analytic tools to set financial goals with clinical actions providing patient centered care with proper cost containment and resource allocation.
Day to day operational metrics
Cost containment and revenue reporting
Claims analytics and risk management
Professional and specialist cost breakdown
Patient risk score adjustments
Clinical and financial drill-down with forecasting
Profitable health delivery
Quality of health provided and monitored

Provider Relations

Connecting Your
Provider Network

Managing physician portfolio, this product enables user to manage benefits, understand member claims details and track authorizations and referral and track empanelment list while providing excellent provider service.
Check realtime member eligibility
Monitor and track care plan
Configure benefit plan and fee schedule
Dashboards for tracking population health
Understand and strategize financial risk
Manage multi-level market in one platform
Automate claims payment files
Create ad-hoc reports designed for and by you