Unique Medication Management System

Integrating an alerting and messaging system, this mechanism assists patients, providers, pharmacies and caregivers in managing necessary medication needs and understanding patient historical background to include in daily activities.

Medication Management

Consolidating medications, patient profile and medical history into one location, this platform is designed to meet the everyday needs of equipping patient, family and health care delivery team members related to patient’s medications.

Provider Engagement

Sending essential directions with accurate medication list, this app allows providers, physicians, and pharmacists to engage in patient drug supply while addressing medication reconciliation issues in different compliance components instantly.

Pharmacy Solution

Increasing accuracy, safety and efficiency, this medication management product helps to track order history, utilization, Part D claims analysis, and cost savings with the ability to transfer electronic prescription information between pharmacies.

Alerting system

Enabling different communication methods, this product delivers critical notifications to patient or healthcare representative with a simple button to set times on appointments, frequency and dosage of medications, prescription reminders and immunizations.

Medication Compliance

Focusing on reducing the risk of polypharmacy, users can accurately chart and track generic and brand medications, dosages, dosing frequency, reasons, and formulary with build in industry standards and SureScripts Drug Registry for patient safety.

Enhance Prescribing

Streamlining prescription decision process, this platform regularly assists providers to promote medication adherence by allowing more time with patients and family while reducing inconsistencies by increasing coverage and patient autonomy.
Accurate medication reconciliation
Enhanced Prescribing Mechanism
Quick and easy refill request!
Instant clinical alert and notification system
Increase interoperability in healthcare
Appointment scheduling and reminder management
Regulatory HIPAA compliant
Exceptional customer support