Sophisticated Healthcare Management Solution

AaNeelCare® is a healthcare delivery platform that connects patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals to have seamless integration on extensive medical, claims and financial records with the support of the 14+ modules facilitating providers.

Dynamic Dashboards

Data-rich dashboards features insightful metrics with high-level overview of modules with user friendly templates that assists to spot trends and maintain status updates with resources consisting of visual tracks displaying key performance indicators.

Quality Reporting

Our products are designed with regulatory compliance like CMS Web Interface, Quality, HIPAA, and Meaningful Use reporting while ensuring privacy, security and transparency of EHR data. Everything we develop is verified and validated through all requirements.

Template Customization

Creating your own or choosing one of the multiple build-in templates to harmonize all of your insights categorized by various modules to create a stunning visualization in minutes, generate reports, derive tasks resulting for better health care delivery.

Module Management

Featuring a total of 14 modules, all our them can be customized for any aspect of your organization’s needs. Each module is integrated with the patient’s information allowing all the information previously entered to auto populate across the system.

Claims Analytics

Showcasing detailed claims reports for user exclusive needs with data portability functionalities for analyzing historical data for performance tracking purposes to optimize revenue while regulating recurring tasks with current industry standards.

Industry Compliance

Every product is designed with regulatory laws, policies and HIPAA compliant standards ensuring privacy, security and transparency of patient data with Quality, CMS Web Interface, Meaningful Use and other Quality Assurance Reporting modules.
Ready to use for ACO's, IPOs, Payers, Providers
14+ modules that suits your needs
Customize the way it works for you
Easy medical information access
Regulatory HIPAA compliant
Supports all modern browsers
No installations or downloads
Exceptional customer support