Health Access Card®

Exclusive Patient Care Point

Bridge that closely associates patients and doctors seamlessly integrating health records with a single tap that acts as a portable one step gateway, easily accessible in emergency situations where time-critical information is a must.
Instant Access

Instant Access

Quick and easy card system that is portable to be taken with patients to any health care setting making medical data easy-to-transfer, equitable and effective and instantly enabling exchange of patient information.

Patient Profile

Patient centered easily accessible profile which helps to track medical and historical data, demographics and key financial information ensuring consistency and accuracy with data transfers from multimodal sources using this lightweight easy-to-carry card.

NFC Enabled

Enabled with Near Field Communication technology, this protocol securely transmits patient data wirelessly with single tap on the reader as impactful as in contactless payment systems increasing patient data transfer fast and easy.

Secure Transmission

Once the card is tapped on a reader, patient records from our system effortlessly transfers to doctor’s EHR with secure channels increasing data interoperability and safeguarding privacy of medical records.

Historical Data

Accurate medical record tracking assisting providers, payers and patients in staying up to date in pending and processed claims and balances to ensure proper management of patient profile and medical details for concurrent review.

Portable ID

Card transmits the information of the patient to NFC enabled reader that automatically identifies the patient uniquely without searching for the patient via typing the long unique ID’s and thus saves time and increases efficiency.
Portable and durable technology
Supports all NFC Enabled readers
Seamless healthcare data integration
Effortless setup and adaptive system
Access health records in instant time
Customized based on patient
Protected patient profile
Simple and efficient