Enhancing Your
Financial Health

Empowering your independent physician associations using revolutionary clinical care delivery system with our health improvement formula to have the ultimate metric dashboards while monitoring performance for your future.
Accurate quality assurance tracker
Comprehensive financial reporting and analytics
CMS - 5 star rating scorecards
Population health management tool
Member enrollment monitoring system
Performance interpretation with clinical projections
Effective member communication methodology
Claims and authorization tracking for entities


Accompanying Your
Provider Needs

With like-minded providers sharing risk and goals for better patient care, this system enables a clinical platform to offer educational resources to understand difficult challenges while incorporating proven cost containment methodologies.
Case management software solution services
Medical billing and claims processing
Strengthening customer and client relations
Chronic disease management
One step provider portal platform
Utilization review with post hospital care
Predective medicare risk adjustment
Medicare risk adjustment


Growing Your
Business Scale

Improving quality of patient centered care, our ACO solutions platform facilitates groups to manage population health with cost containment methodologies to achieve shared savings with exceptional quality scores.
Ensuring value-based patient care
Chronic case and disease management modules
Accurate quality measure reporting and tracking mechanism
Population health management metric system
Shared risk, shared savings!
Risk mitigation tools and strategies
Cost optimization with revenue maximization
Central platform for multilevel ACO structure


Enhancing Your
Organizations Goals

Assisting with utilization allocation and resource management, our IPA solutions assists physician groups in finding savings with insurance companies while stratifying risk and minimizing cost to meet state and federal standards.
Enhanced workflow to track quality measures
Increasing revenue and net profit improvement
Web-based portal with template driven workflow
Monitor professional and institutional claims
Customizable reporting and analytics metrics
Shorter revenue cycle for maximize collections
Central platform for multilevel IPA
Interactive enterprise suite for cost analysis