Patient Portal

Simplified Patient Gateway Spotlight

A unified platform that allows your patients more control over their own health. Our Patient Portal allows care team members to communicate efficiently and effectively with their patients, increasing the quality of care and obtaining optimal health.

Patients are able to view important records, review their medical history, request appointments and learn how to make healthy life choices.

Aaneel Patient Portal
Communication Channel

Communication Channel

Coordinating patients with doctor and other professional care team members to ensure effective communication is established and continued to maintain order of patient care delivery and performance at the upmost level with tasking and tracking capabilities.
Demographics Management

Demographics Management

Securing necessary patient characteristics, segmented into components with different contact types, patient profile, critical medical information to better manage care and resources while staying up to date on recent conditional changes
Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Enhancing various channels of correspondence to promote positive healthcare activities and interventions and to drive better patient care delivery while enlightening with insights on optimal lifestyle changes with evidence-based wellness practices.

Benefit Summary

Allowing patients to monitor different components of benefit summary maximizing visibility of healthcare spending and utilization, visualizing coverage, copayment and deductible information to differentiate prospective and retrospective care
Information Transparency

Information Transparency

Increasing accountability of medical transactions between healthcare agencies or facilities, to promote precise communication while simplifying extensive knowledge and interventions, reducing redundancies to make data easy to understand.

Industry Compliance

Every product is designed with regulatory laws, policies and HIPAA compliant standards ensuring privacy, security and transparency of patient data with Quality, CMS Web Interface, Meaningful Use and other Quality Assurance Reporting modules.
One-step patient platform
Segregated components to enhance wellness
Complex data made easy
Easy to access medical information
Regulatory HIPAA compliant
Supports all modern browsers
No installations or downloads
Exceptional customer support