Secure Health Communication Application

Enabling fast communication, this HIPAA compliant app is secure for providers to discuss transition of care between providers, network professionals, and other staff members to send referrals and alerts for prompt response.

Referral Management

Ensuring proper transition of care, this app allows effective soft referral mechanism for transferring proposed and authorized services while updating on the care that the member needs to achieve optimal level of health.

Servicing Documents

Enabling documents to be filed in an orderly manner, this app allows team members to tag appropriate document types and ensure all attachments to be uploaded to the right folders for easy transfer of information.

Internal Network

Ensuring that all necessary team members are incorporated, this interconnecting application allows providers, network managers, and other healthcare professionals minimizing communication gaps and to establish a strong interdisciplinary team.

Fast Communication

Integrating with the users AaNeel system, this once step platform allows quick messaging option to ensure that proper feedback and communication is maintained on the respective team members while automatically updating to patient chart.

Alerting System

Allowing users to be alerted with deadlines, this communication ensemble allows team members to be notified on important events with the capability to add more users or by user roles with emphasize on priority.

Industry Compliance

Every product is designed with regulatory laws, policies and HIPAA compliant standards ensuring privacy, security and transparency of patient data with Quality, CMS Web Interface, Meaningful Use and other Quality Assurance Reporting modules.
Monitor and manage provider communication
Send notifications with deadlines
Share workload and documents
Monitor and track soft referrals
Broadcast and mass rule management
Member updates
Alerting system
Secure HIPAA compliant