AaNeel, LLC announces the release of its brainchild


Tampa, FL., U.S.A., September 27, 2013 - AaNeel, LLC announces the release of its brainchild – AaNeelCare Version 1

AaNeelCare is a managed healthcare delivery platform which contains modules that are designed to facilitate Providers, Payers and TPAs including Medicare Advantage Health plans, ACOs, IPAs, MSOs and Physicians Group practices. The product is highly differentiated, easy-to-use and is customizable to fit any practice. It has a holistic approach to various aspects of the US healthcare System.

The artistry of the application is the handiwork of professionals who have extensive hands on knowledge about the various processes involved in US healthcare. AaNeelCare is a HIPPA compliant, cloud based solution which works on any standard browser and any platform (Windows, LINUX, MAC) also any device ( Tablets, Phablets, iPhone, android Mobile devices, etc.). Our application is touch enabled and via using gestures the end user can simulate commands.
This version consisted of Membership management and Utilization management modules.

The aim of the Utilization Management (UM) is to ensure delivery of appropriate and quality health care to the members. This mainly deals with the Authorization and referral system this in turn makes it easy to do Specialist Referrals, Hospital tracking and also viewing of the referral status from a central platform.

Member management, the backbone of all the associated modules, handles everything that involves in managing a member like adding a new member in the application, checking the eligibility, generating reports, etc. This Member management module helps to attain valuable metrics on the patients; for e.g., one can view active patients, inactive patients, etc.

About AaNeel

Founded in October 2010 in Tampa Florida, AaNeel is a software development and services company with 2 development centers in India (the head office in Bangalore and development support in Ahmedabad) and a marketing office in Houston. We at AaNeel have dominance and supremacy over healthcare application development, testing and sustenance across technologies and delivery models. AaNeel works hands in hands with its clients to develop healthcare software that improves performance and quality.

Though we have more than two decades of experience in the US healthcare industry, we continually strive in upgrading existing healthcare software applications, staying abreast of regulatory compliances such as Quality, HIPAA, Meaningful Use reporting, etc. and bestow end to end product verification and validation support. Our dedicated team of healthcare domain and technology experts offer continual support to each client based on the client’s unique needs and requirements.

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