AaNeel in International Telemedicine Conference 2013


Jaipur, Rajasthan Nov 29-Dec 1st 2013 - AaNeel took part in the International Telemedicine Conference 2013 Telemedicon13, the 9th Annual Conference of Telemedicine Society of India.

Telemedicon is an initiative of the Telemedicine Society of India to increase the awareness and practice of TeleHealth in India in order to contribute to the improvement of the state of health in the country. Telemedicon brings together Telemedicine experts and healthcare professionals from around the world. It is truly a platform for learning and collaboration with experts in Telemedicine.

Upen, President & CEO of AaNeel spoke about “Emerging IT Innovations in US Healthcare”. He shared about US Healthcare and the role of comprehensive technology platform in managed care – patient, provider and payer – 3Ps. He also briefed about the current developments in US healthcare, the trends and technical challenges, incentives offered, Meaningful Stage 2 of EMR, Care coordination platform and patient population management.

About AaNeel

Founded in October 2010 in Tampa Florida, AaNeel is a software development and services company with 2 development centers in India (the head office in Bangalore and development support in Ahmedabad) and a marketing office in Houston. We at AaNeel have dominance and supremacy over healthcare application development, testing and sustenance across technologies and delivery models. AaNeel works hands in hands with its clients to develop healthcare software that improves performance and quality.

Though we have more than two decades of experience in the US healthcare industry, we continually strive in upgrading existing healthcare software applications, staying abreast of regulatory compliances such as Quality, HIPAA, Meaningful Use reporting, etc. and bestow end to end product verification and validation support. Our dedicated team of healthcare domain and technology experts offer continual support to each client based on the client’s unique needs and requirements.

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