AaNeelCare v4.5.0 is Surescripts certified


Tampa, FL., U.S.A., January 29, 2016 – AaNeel Care v 4.5.0 prescriber software has completed Surescripts® certification

AaNeel Infotech LLC announces that on January 29, 2016, its AaNeel Care v 4.5.0 prescriber software has completed Surescripts® certification testing for Prescription Benefit and Medication History messaging and is certified to connect to the Surescripts network for the services and message types.

The AaNeel Care v 4.5.0 software was awarded this certification for successful completion of:

1) Eligibility transactions (270/271) ANSI X12 version 005010X279A1
2) Medication History (RXHREQ/RXHRES) NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6
3) NCPDP Formulary and Benefit Load version 3.0
4) Surescripts Prescription Benefit Application Certification Requirements 2014-11-03

“We are extremely delighted to have completed the Surescripts certification process for prescription routing messaging to continue our efforts in offering the best to our customers,” said Upen Patel, chairman and CEO of AaNeel Infotech, LLC.
By implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) that is certified to connect to the Surescripts network, practices can minimize costs, improve patient safety and increase practice productivity.

This certification was done in accordance with the Surescripts Implementation Guides (based on the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard) and qualitative requirements. AaNeel Infotech went through stages of planning, development and Quality Analysis of the application. Surescripts provided all the documentation and testing tools and conducted certification to ensure all the requirements are met and certified the application.
The certification process makes certain that the software is able to transmit electronic messages to and fro, and share prescription information fulfilling the industry standards and that it has an open choice for medication selection and dispensing location. Along with that, certification concentrates on patient safety, efficacy of the electronic prescribing process and user friendly attribute of the solution.
The benefits of having connected with Surescripts improve the Safety and Accuracy of the Prescribing Process in the following ways:

  • Prescription Benefit services allow easy selection of medications that are preferred by the patient’s health plan, that meet therapeutic guidelines and are cost effective for the patient.
  • Medication History services allow prescribers to access critically important information on their patient’s current and past medications from pharmacy benefit managers and community pharmacies. This helps inform prescribers about potential medication issues.
  • Prescription Routing services allow legible new prescriptions to be sent directly to the computer at the pharmacy of the patient’s choice. Renewal authorization requests can be sent directly to the practice computer. Prescribers can then review and respond to pending requests with a few keystrokes.
  • Enhance Productivity. The reduction in pharmacy faxes and phone calls associated with refill requests, legibility issues, and drug incompatibility or ineligibility problems provides physicians and their staffs with more time to devote to patient care or other reimbursable activities

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