Business Consulting Solutions

Managed Care in Healthcare:

It can be difficult to manage businesses efficiently when dealing with Medicare, Medicaid, and the introduction of the healthcare marketplace. Our business consulting solutions provide the tools your business needs to simplify the management process. Some of the benefits that come with utilizing our solutions include:

Improved efficiency in the company
Support for complex benefit plans such as deductibles, coinsurance, copays, or out of pocket maximums.
Support for complex provider reimbursement formulas
Increased collaboration, strengthened relationships and reduced costs using our web based portals
Increased connection with patients using our complete care management suite
Maximized revenue using our solutions tools and modules
Complete view of patient’s electronic health record using our modules

Business Management Services in Healthcare:

We offer an encompassing member management system that will handle all our client’s business needs. Our management services in healthcare include:

Member Management
Enrollment Management
HRA Management
Case Management
Disease Management
Claims Management
Practice Management