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AaNeel Health Access Card®

healthaccesscard in hand

The AaNeel Health Access Card is used for gathering patient information securely and efficiently. By scanning their cards, patients gain to access their medical information, medications, and upcoming appointments.

The patient’s information is stored and only accessible when using an NFC or QR reader, ensuring their data is always secure. A reader then displays the patient’s information for the receptionist or doctor to view. The receptionist can view that patient’s relevant medical information for check in. The Health Access Card can also display information such as blood type, allergies, gender, primary doctor’s information, current medications and family history.

For doctor visits, the physician will have a tablet with a built in NFC or QR scanner for the patient’s card. Once the physician scans the patient’s card, they will have access to the patient’s medical information, family medical history, SOAP notes, and lab reports. All relevant patient data is available instantly.

The AaNeel Health Access Card connects patients and providers. It empowers the patient to be in control of their healthcare by keeping track of their medications, providing access to medical records and lab reports, and scheduled appointments with their physician. The Health Access Card closes the gaps in care and increases coordination between patients and providers.